LORD McALPINE: Time for a Generous Gesture

 Let’s Trickle Some Wealth Down toThose in Need

His grace Lord McAlpine trousered £185,000 courtesy of the taxpayer last night. More exactly, he ripped £185000 out of an already overstretched BBC budget. The BBC, as far as I can glean, never mentioned McAlpine by name in the Newsnight coverage, but their actions (and those of ITV) “sent everyone onto the internet” said his tumescent solicitor Andrew Reid. Philip Schofield showed the Prime Minister a list, saying it was “all over the internet”. This was true. But ITV is now scurrying around, desperate to donate his Lordship’s retirement fund defamatory damages.

This sort of sums up – in the Scottish Herald as it happens – the lascivious glee with which Mr Reid is going about his heavy task: he has ‘a “very long list” of tweeters who mentioned Lord McAlpine on the micro-blogging website, said Mr Reid, warning their messages could end up costing them “a lot of money”. Mr Reid called on anyone who thought they may have defamed the peer to contact him to reach a settlement, warning this may be the cheapest outcome for them….’

This is life aping Monty Python, and their imagined TV Gameshow ‘Blackmail’.

If like me you are beginning to wonder whether the world has gone entirely mad this morning, the confirmation can be found in this statement from Cash Collector General Andrew Reid: (my italics)

“We are beyond the considering at this point. Very sadly, we are going to have to take action against a lot of people.The next person on our list is in fact the This Morning programme, run by ITV, where Phillip Schofield managed to embarrass the Prime Minister … and then destroy my client’s reputation. What he did really was very, very low, and I’m amazed it was allowed, absolutely amazed….[Twitter] goes out to hundreds of thousands of people and you must take responsibility. The public are fed up with it. We are being pushed and pushed to get on and actually end trial by Twitter.”

This affair has become a caricature of supposition, bullying, and greed. There is no law against embarrassing a Prime Minister. Philip Schofield did nothing to ‘destroy’ McAlpine’s reputation. In fact, unlimited access to the media has cleared his name entirely. There is no evidence whatsoever that the public is ‘fed up’ of Twitter. Nobody in the public is pushing McAlpine and Reid to do anything. Indeed, to many people on this grey, drizzly and austere British Autumn morning, the two men look horribly like a dynamic duo cashing in on something which – the Peer continues to assert – is “the worst thing that can happen to a person”. I still grope to understand the self-pity associated with such a remark in the context of what the BBC was investigating in its programme.



No mention of suing David Icke, whose book The Biggest Secret, 1998, very clearly named McAlpine, but the time limit for legal action has now passed.  McAlpine has had 14 years in which to kick up a fuss. In fact Icke renames him again in his article of 7th November 2012 – so lets see whether McAlpine will take on Icke.

 No, This latest exercise is no more than a Problem/Reaction/Solution game to allow government to regulate the internet.

(Tell me I’m wrong when it happens….not now). He should not be allowed to profit from it at our expense. ~ http://parker-joseph.com/pjcjournal/2012/11/16/lord-mcalpine-and-that-185000-courtesy-of-the-taxpayer/

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