Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Shaun Woodward, and convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein



In a previous post earlier this week, The Slog suggested that the main weapon protecting Establishment paedophiles is genuine fear among the elite about where the trail of detection might lead. The case history below offers an example of why that fear exists. Above all, it suggests one very simple guiding light for those reporting about peadophilia: if you want to know the way, ask a policeman.

There is hearsay. And there is something I’ve taken to calling ‘readsay’. The latter is different to gossiped word of mouth, because rather than being a word in you ear without witnesses, it’s 2000 words on newsprint or website – with anything from 12,000 to 750,000 readers.

If the readsay is in a ‘major’ title, then you can bet that a small football team of lawyers has looked very closely for the existence of unintended libel. If the subjects of that piece include one of the most feared politicians in recent British history and a Royal son, then you can be certain that the proprietor of the title has also been fully briefed on what the newsroom is about to publish.

On those bases, what I am about to do is really nothing more than piece together a series of well-established facts, and some of the contemporary allegations that went with them. Unusually in the coverage of paedophiliac perversion to date, the story spans both sies of the Atlantic – and both off and online media giants. Put together, the tale should make those in doubt about the existence of privileged protection think at least twice.


American bond and hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein went to prison in 2010 – albeit briefly – having been found guilty by a US Court of soliciting prostitution from a minor. How and why he escaped a more hefty jail sentence – despite overwhelming evidence of sex crimes with dozens of young girls – remains something guaranteed to make the neutral’s blood boil.

The U.S. attorney who led the Epstein prosecution in Florida’s Southern District commented publicly on the case once it was no longer sub judice, even giving Tina Brown’s highly respected Daily Beast exclusive access to his view in the form of a long open letter. The following facts, among others, emerged: three 12-year-old French girls were delivered to him for his twisted pleasure as a birthday present. Epstein had purchased a “Balkan sex slave” from her family when she was just 14. And the FBI identified around 40 young women, most of them underage at the time, who had been coaxed into Epstein’s Palm Beach home on the request for a “massage” for money…..then forced into various sexual tableaux.

The judiciary knew all about this when Epstein was sentenced. In the US, sex crimes of this nature typically carry a term of 10 to 20 years in prison.  Indeed, the very fact of serious FBI involvement makes clear that the crimes were considered to be extremely serious, organised, and professionally rewarded.

Yet Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

The Beast also described how ‘Fear and intimidation experienced by victims during pre-trial proceedings, combined with a ferocious, protracted campaign to undermine the prosecution, culminated in a set of charges that became a virtual slap on the wrist.’ Tina Brown is married to the London Times legend Harry Evans, an editor whose Insight investigations were the envy of the world. For her to print an accusation so blatantly means she knew it to be fact. And I’d imagine that Evans encouraged her to go with it. The combined experience of the couple is awesome.

Treading on toxic ground, the Daily Mail later got one of Epstein’s victims to go public, and describe her years as “a teenage sex toy”. The woman concerned, Virginia Roberts, produced a photograph of herself with Prince Andrew. It dated from 2001 – when she was 15 – and the ‘toy’ alleged that Epstein had paid her $15,000 to ‘meet’ the prince. The general tone of the piece was to suggest that Epstein had been pimping her around his circle over several years – before the age of 15 – while at the same time regularly abusing the girl.

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