Part 1 and 2: Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, The London Olympics & 007

 These two videos are important, a must see. Anyone who has watched the opening of the Olympic games ceremony in London must have thought/felt something did not seem right with all the strange displays. Begining with the tolling of a bell, specially cast at Whitechapel, there is no doubt in our minds, we were indeed witnessing the enactment of a ritual. 


The question is: For what purpose? For whose gain?


 The following is an extract from “Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, The London Olympics & 007.” Parts 1 and 2.


Since the tragic event at Cinema 16 in Aurora, Colorado, I have been working like a woman possessed to document the evidence which connects this tragedy to the London Olympics.


Over this last year I have been researching the Royal Family and the Ritual nature of the Olympics, when the shooting happened in Aurora I could immediately see the connections to the Olympics. I was guided from one piece of information to another, one thing literally just led to the next until an astonishing picture emerged of a well planned ritual sacrifice, played out in front of the eyes of the whole world.

The Satanic inbreeds who control all things on this planet are psychopaths, we are nothing more than livestock to them, and the evil entities that they worship demand blood sacrifices. They feed of human grief and suffering and they demand we participate in their rituals. For thousands of years this is how they held onto power and enslaved the human race.


Unfortunately for them there has been a shift in human consciousness, they have strived to stop man seeing behind their veils of secrecy, but all their rituals and sacrifices have not been able to halt mankind’s awakening. Once you start to recognise the numbers, geography and sacred geometry that they hold so dear, the veils start to lift, and then, as if by magic the inner veils drop at your feet and the depths of their depravity are revealed. This is the journey I have been on since the Aurora Sacrifice.


This video presentation is almost 30 minutes long, believe me I have diluted, it could have been a 4 hour epic, but I have detailed the most important of the information. People need to wake up now, if they watch this vid, and still chose to believe the official version, then there is no hope for humanity.


On close investigation of the numerology, geography and symbols they have used for both the Olympic Opening and the Aurora sacrifice, I have to say that their “Magick” is rudimentary and clumsy, it is not much more evolved than the Harry Potter Magick, they honestly believe that if they throw in a few pyramid shapes and obelisks then the purpose of their ritual will succeed!


I kid you not, this is how retarded and f**king psycho they really are!


We are many, they are few, if we can all just see past the flimsy veils they have in place then we have won, and they will disappear to the sewers and rat holes that they belong in.


As Bessie and I have been saying all year, August 4, 2012 for some reason is of the utmost importance to them. 4/8, 8/4 has been coming up in the numerology they use all year. We have only been able to speculate as to what they have planned for that date, but I am convinced they have something huge planned, and the most likely scenario is an attack of some sort at the London Olympics. The Aurora sacrifice was the blood sacrifice before the mega opening ritual…



Part1: Blood Sacrifice at Aurora & The London Olympics

Part 2: Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, The London Olympics & 007

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