Libdem Councillor in ‘dropped charges of kerb crawling for prostitutes case’ is new Chair of Standards at £262M in -debt Scottish Borders Council

sbclogoSNP led coalition includes Councillor once charged with kerb crawling, now in charge of ‘standards’. AS THE COALITION of Scottish National Party (SNP), LibDem & Independent councillors take positions in the new administration at the £262 Million-in-debt Scottish Borders Council, it has emerged a LibDem Councillor, Alec Nicol who was once charged by Police for kerb crawling for prostitutes in Edinburgh’s Salamander Street has been given the role of Chairman of Standards at the beleaguered south of Scotland local authority which has been under a scandal & corruption mired control of a Condem coalition for a significant number of years.

Councillor Alec Nicol of Scottish Borders Council The kerb crawling charges against Mr Nicol, reported by Scottish Law Reporter HERE, were later dropped by Scotland’s Crown Office despite protests from senior officers in Lothian & Borders Police who concluded the case should have gone to trial. Prosecutors refused to give any explanation to Police or the media why they had dropped the charges against Mr Nicol.

Scottish Borders Council recently featured in several articles reported by SLR, HERE. It was also revealed late last week the Council’s Chief Executive, Tracey Logan had been off sick for a number of months but has since been confirmed as returning to work after questions were asked of her absence in a Freedom of Information request, all reported by SLR HERE

A Press Release issued by Scottish Borders Council reports the new appointments to the SNP-Libdem-Independent run Council :

Council appointments made

Published on Thursday 17th May 2012

Appointments were made at statutory meeting of the new Council.

All 34 elected members were present in the Council Chamber at Newtown St Boswells today for the statutory meeting of Scottish Borders Council. Certain appointments were made.

They are as follows:

Convenor – Councillor Graham Garvie
Vice Convenor – Councillor Jim Brown
Leader of the Council – Councillor David Parker
Depute Leader – Councillor John Mitchell
Chairman of Scrutiny – Councillor Gavin Logan
Vice Chairman of Scrutiny – Councillor Jim Torrance
Chairman of Standards – Councillor Alec Nicol
Chairman of Planning and Building Standards Committee – Councillor Ron Smith
Vice Chairman of Planning and Building Standards Committee – Councillor Nicholas Watson

The next meeting of the Council will take place on Thursday 24 May at 10am.


While the Council fights to maintain the secrecy over Mr Hume’s departure and a rumoured significant financial payoff, Scotland’s Finance Secretary John Swinney heaped more pressure on SBC by revealing to Holyrood the true extent of Scottish Borders Council’s debt situation, now standing at a staggering TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO MILLION POUNDS,

Figures revealed by Mr Swinney in a written answer to Tory MSP, Margaret Scanlon revealed the debt situation at Scottish Borders Council had nearly DOUBLED in the past five years of Conservative-LibDem control, from a figure of £166,489 million in 2007 to a whopping £262,551m as of last year.

Mr Swinney also revealed Scottish Borders Council are forking out over TWELVE MILLION POUNDS A YEAR for interest on debts such as assets acquired under Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) or similar arrangements, a figure which has leapt from £9,090 million in 2007 to £12,273 million as of 2011.

Local campaigners in the Scottish Borders have criticised the scale of the problems at Scottish Borders Council and the apparent lack of any leadership or desire by the former Tory-Libdem coalition to stop the ever rising mountain of debt at Scottish Borders Council, which now equates to a sum of £2,403 & rising for every person living in the Scottish Borders as of this date.

Source: Scottish Law Reporter

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