Ted Heath Subverted the Constitution


By Albert Burgess


I am a French polisher by trade and a police officer by inclination. I am 63 years old and spent 12 of those years as a special constable, ten of which were with the Metropolitan police force and the last two with Thames Valley Police. At the Met’ I worked in two very busy parts of London, the red light district at King’s Cross (five years) and another five years at Harlesden police station in Kilburn Division, where the major crimes were street robbery, burglary and drugs.

Working such demanding parts of a major city meant that a good understanding of the law was an asset and so my bedtime reading was Moriarty’s police law; Butterworth’s Police Law; and Stones Primer – the latter, a book on police law designed to prepare an officer for promotional exams.

In the early 1970’s, as a much younger man, the question exercising our minds was whether to join the European Economic Community, or Common Market, as it was also known. My gut feeling, then, was very strongly against joining, I thought it would be wrong. Events have proved me right – this country is fast losing its ability to govern itself and the resulting surveillance society we now live under is not the English way, not in my England anyway.

In 2006 I bought a copy of a CD ROM; it was entitled: Shoe-Horned into the EU … Swallow it whole, Swallow it Now1 it is a collection of ‘electronic’ papers released by the government under the Thirty Year Rule2, together with pages from Hansard3 debates relating to entry dated 1972. So I found myself sat at my computer reading these papers … I had read about a quarter way through, when I hit the print button and printed off the entire contents of the CD ROM. Why did I print it; what did these papers say? I will tell you.
The papers explained how Ted Heath and others set out to subvert the constitution of the United Kingdom; the crime at common law of sedition, and how he planned to hand this great country over to a foreign power, i.e. the EEC – the crime at common law of treason1. They also showed that he spent your money and mine on this project and then failed to show some of it in any accounts, fraudulent accounting and misfeasance in public office came to mind instantly. Heath also used money from the EEC and the CIA to further his ends.
Why did he find it necessary to adopt an idea promoted by Jean Monnet and his backers in the 1920s; a unified Europe with one government, one currency, one set of laws, with ministers taken from each country (Council of Ministers and the European Council) making up this supranational state? It was argued that this would stop countries, which for hundreds of years had been fighting wars against each other, from ever fighting another war in Europe. Great idea, but what about sovereignty (a more than academic idea, since sovereignty prevents outsiders imposing their will on the people) and the power to govern ourselves in a democratic manner? And these wars, remember, were started by Napoleon, The Kaiser and Hitler – continental wars of domination. We fought, solely to preserve our freedom and democracy and that of the world.

United Kingdom would cease to exist

In the CD Shoe Horned you will read that in 1971 the Foreign and Commonwealth office submitted a report to Heath (FC030/1048)1 of the effects on the United Kingdom of our joining the European Economic Community. The report was quite clear, they dismissed sovereignty as a concept with no real meaning, and postulated the theory that if we joined EEC we would loose Constitution and sovereignty. It predicted that eventually (by the end of the 20th century), the United Kingdom would cease to exist as a sovereign state, (Europe merely ending up as a collection of regions of a supranational state). By doing this, it was argued, we would be able to exert power in Europe. They were, in effect, recommending, power for power’s sake. Let us look at that and consider the Roman Emperors, Genghis Khan, the Borgia’s Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao (of red book fame). They all lusted for power and while they were at it, how many did they kill or enslave? This is what Heath clearly desired – power (not necessarily with the killing or enslavement), but how to do it?

Lies and deceit

At the start of the campaign, 7O% of the population of England and 80% of the population of Scotland were against joining the EEC (less than 20% were in favour of joining). Heath realised that he needed better polls before he could place a bill before Parliament, but how?
Easy; lie and deceive (common practice in government today) and to do it he took a man with a reputation Norman Reddaway (now deceased) from the Foreign and Colonial Office’s Information Research Department (IRD). Reddaway had already destabilised the government of Indonesia – he had good contacts with MI5/6. Reddaway was just the man.

How did Reddaway do this?

The papers are quite clear; he set about building up an organisation to produce these lies and disinformation and fed them out to the public, spending large sums of taxpayers’ money to do so. First he organised weekly ‘breakfast meetings’ at the Connaught Hotel in London with MPs, civil servants, the Director Generals of the BBC and ITV, Heads of every national newspaper (except the Socialist Worker) as far as I can see and the plan, to remove as much anti-EEC feeling from the media as possible and replace it with only positive reports on the EEC. Those reporters exhibiting anti-EEC tendencies were to be sidelined, even dismissed and those who were positive given all the airtime necessary. At the end of the operation the German Embassy acclaimed: ‘both television and radio, despite rules of impartiality, were contributing importantly and favourably.’ …….

Published in Namaste Magazine Vol.10 Issue 2

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