Graham Ovenden Is A Paedophile Says Prosecution; Will McAlpine Be Next In The Dock?

Pervert Artist Graham Ovenden

Pervert Artist Graham Ovenden

Graham Ovenden is the controversial artist who photographs and paints prepubescent girls in naked erotic poses. He has been doing this for years, has been investigated by the police several times on child pornography charges, and up until now walked free.

Now he is appearing at Truro Crown Court on charges of indecency with underage girls. He is accused of blindfolding young girls and interfering with them. The girls, who modelled for him for photographs, found themselves subjected to various forms of abuse by Ovenden, claimed the prosecution.

“What we (the Crown Prosecution Service) say is that Mr Ovenden is a paedophile, and that he is a sexual abuser of children,” said Prosecutor Ramsay Quaife, “In this case we say the target of his abuse was young girls. All four of the claimants are now adult women. Their allegations go back some years, but at the time they were all girls.”

A mother, whose daughter the pervert abused, said she did nothing because she was a “moral coward”.  ”I just pretended it didn’t happen. It is awful but I didn’t want to think about it.”

30-Years for paedophiles
Lord McAlpine owned Ovenden “art”

That other “Elite” paedophile, Lord Alistair McAlpine, owned a collection of Ovenden “art” that included nude pictures of under-age girls. He must have known this trial was going to happen, because he tried to “dump” his collection anonymously via the art trade. He did not get away with it and eventually admitted that he was the seller.

His collection of Ovenden “art” was, I reasoned here, proof that despite his self-righteous denials it proved McAlpines was a paedophile. No one but a paedo-pervert would own erotic pictures of little girls, and I hope that the police will now investigate McAlpine a bit closer as well.

Ovenden’s trial continues.





Lord McAlpine tidies his Wikipedia entry





Lord McAlpine, Nothing Disappears From The Web!


LONDON BOOKSELLER Bloomsbury Book Auctions is today selling off Lord McAlpine’s former collection of photographs entitled A (Very) Private Collection: Fashion and Eroticism Photographs 1970-1990. For some reason the auctioneers coyly refer to “an historic collection… put together in London… by a well-known but anonymous collector”. Could their coyness have anything to do with the fact that the 344 pictures include 10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden?

“We were aware of the possible intentions in the context of this field but came to the decision that Graham Ovenden’s photos were in no way offensive,” says organiser John Cumming.

My source tells me the ” wellknown but anonymous collector” is former Conservative Party Treasurer Lord McAlpine, who in 1996 gave his photographic collection to an Australian gallery which in turn sold them on to Bloomsbury Book Auctions.

John Cumming is more circumspect: “We are selling a private collection.”

Evening Standard [London (UK)] 23 May 2003


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