GM – Monsanto Retreating from Europe – The Fabian Strategy

BEWARE of the Fabian Strategy


Fabius Maximus is known as Cunctator, the Delayer. The tactic of wearing down Hannibal and the Phoenicians helped win the war for the Romans.  This same tactic is being played with GM; make the people believe they, Monsanto, are retreating when in fact the opposite is true. Beware they are leaving their henchment like Mr Patterson in place to do their bidding, then whilst the people disarm, disband and retreat the enemy Monsanto, will come back in greater force and take us all by suprise.

Is Britain’s MP Owen Patterson on the payroll of Monsanto? 

Why Patterson lying about GM crops?





19th July 2013 Daily Mail reports:

Frankenstein food firm ‘quits’ Europe: U.S. giant surrenders in face of public suspicion over its pesticide-resistant GM crops

  • Only a quarter of Britons support the introduction of GM crops
  • But the Government has thrown its weight behind their use

By Fiona Macrae

Only last month, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said Brussels was putting British jobs at risk by dragging its feet over GM crops.

He also made the extraordinary claim that millions of children in the developing world are ‘dying or going blind’ because the controversial technique has not been more widely adopted.

However, the public remains deeply suspicious of GM foods.

A survey by the Food Standards Agency last year found two in three believe food from animals given a GM diet should be labelled as such.

And a British Science Association study showed public support for so-called ‘Frankenstein foods’ declining from 46 per cent in 2002 to only 27 per cent now.

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