George Floyd Definitely a False Flag Designed to Cause Civil Unrest


“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist….”
Barbara Marciniak




GEORGE FLOYD Freemason Race War Ritual in the TWIN Cities (Mirrored)





By Ms 22


Keep in mind that nothing is what you think it is and the people have been fooled before by false flags! Here we go:

There is much info in the comments at the website George Floyd Murder is Fairytale Hoax, below.

There is a mystery not mentioned in the many videos that have captured this event. Someone noticed the different video footage of the actual incident. Taken from one angle we see the victim and cop on the floor – victims head by the rear car door. From another video the head is right up to beyond the rear wheel, so is seen from the footpath – no time difference. Also there is footage taken by a group of onlookers. At another angle from the road, they are not there – yet the time again, is the same as when the onlookers are there-or should be. The incident wasn’t the kind where the particants are moving around. The whole point is they were pinned to the ground so could not move towards the back of the car.

The children of the alleged victime aren’t very upset are they? Admitted he didn’t know his father – hardly at all. But they are really happy about something\ And a picture taken 2 days later.  How did they get those smart printed hoodies made so fast with the victims name on?
The print shops are closed.

The numbers ‘game’ is present at all the false flags – (don’t know about 9-11). This odd,
the victim falls to the ground by the pavement side back door of the car. He is cuffed and for no apparent reason falls. How did he get around the car to the road side?
Why try and put him in the car on the outer side when he collapsed on the pavement side? Not many passers by at this stage is there?

The following excellent website has further information on the said psyops event:

George Floyd Murder is Fairytale Hoax


Turn off your television. Turn off the news media. Do not visit their websites. Do not listen to their broadcasts. The reality they present is not real. Turn it off. It is poison for your mind. Turn it off, now.


79 thoughts on “George Floyd Murder is Fairytale Hoax

How can people not see this? I don’t understand how so many people prefer the ‘’reality’’ of their screens rather than opening their eyes and living in the actual world around them.

If my Facebook feed is an accurate gauge of public opinion (God help us) then my white friends are completely obsessed with this current racial psy-op program they are running.

It’s like they are paralyzed to open their eyes and see the oppression and injustice of the medical tyranny that is actually taking place around them to people of all races, nations and backgrounds right now and are totally focused on how to rectify their ‘’white privilege.’’


Then even as a person begins to awaken, they are then exposed to all kinds of falsities along the way…think Mandela Effect, etc. So the path to breaking free of this programming is long, and rife with traps. Hardly anyone truly breaks away from this. Most do not, and they are wholly taken in by it. Facebook is basically a gathering of the sleeping minds. I often wonder if we are in control of whether we break free or whether fate decides.

God help us is right.

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