Britain’s GCHQ have put Together Plan to Infiltrate Social Media and Blogs


GCHQ have put together a plan to infiltrate social media and blogs – of cause this has been going on since the internet started, previously infiltrators were used by the establishment, church etc and infiltrated groups in person, STILL do. On the surface, those who infiltrate are very plausible and appear to be ordinary people with pleasant demeanours following and fighting a cause. These characteristics are required in order to gain the confidence and acceptance of other activists in the targated campaign . Occasionally, infiltrators  unintentionally reveal who they are, this can usually be spotted by the trained eye.


The slideshow below shows, sophisticated plans have be drawn up for online disruption. Tactics include online honey-trapping, leaking, impersonation and manipulation.
Some words used in the document with some further explanations…..enjoy!




The last document above dates the presentation as 2010 – so they’ve been following their little games since 2010 (or before).

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