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Part One
A few months ago I was discussing with another researcher (Bessie Totten) the possibility of a false flag at the London 2012 Olympics. She reckoned that the 4th of August was the most likely date if they were to pull anything, given that she has spent many years studying the occult practices of the Satanic elite, and their most revered sacrifice dates, I had no reason to doubt her word when she explained how she had singled out the 4th August.
We both began looking into the 4th of August we conferred regularly with our findings. She examined certain aspects, and I examined others until we established a clear picture of what we thought might happen. (link to her blog at the bottom of this blog).


We thought long and hard about how to present this information, or even if we should present it, we felt we were dammed if we published it, but we would be more dammed if we did not. If they are planning a major event for August 4, our only way to stop it was to publish it, as they would be forced to call it off if someone were to publish their plans in advance. If they call off any plans they had, this would make us look like we had un-necessarily been fear mongering, but I would rather be accused of that, than sitting on this information, and doing nothing. I will now present as best I can the information we have gathered so far. If anyone has studied in detail other “false flag” events such as 9/11, the following information will be more easily understood, as you will already understand how they use numerology to give impetus to their objectives.


This excellent LINK details how many times the number eleven was used in the 9/11 False flag. They attach huge significance to the power of these numbers.


Based on years of study of past false flags and other sacrifices they have made, we understand how they operate, how they plan these events and how they carry them out, we are presenting an hypotheses of what they may be planning.
If we are correct, they will have to call it off after this information is posted, if we are wrong, we will never know.


Rik Clay
August 5 1982-August 26 2008


After hearing an interview on Red Ice Radio some years ago with the late great Rik Clay, I figured that the 2012 London Olympics, the Queens Diamond Jubilee and Prince William would somehow be tired into the grand scheme of how 2012 would play out.


The Satanic EL(Elohim)ite that control this planet and near all its inhabitants have been preparing for 2012 for hundreds of years. They are control freaks, and they leave nothing to chance, they create the Gods and Goddess that the masses worship, in the past they harnessed the energy of the masses through their invented religions, these days they prefer to use Hollywood, sport and the music industry. When they call Beyonce a pop Goddess, David Beckham an Icon or Michael Jackson the King Of Pop, this is no accident.


The following blog is the result of months of research, and since I began Whitney Houston has sadly died under very mysterious circumstances, in every  news report her name and age was reported, given I have been researching the 4th of August which translates to her age 48, I cant help but think its connected. Plus near all the reports referred to her as “The Queen of Pop”….The Queen is dead….”Long Live The Queen”, and the British Queen embarks on a year of festivities to mark her Diamond jubilee.

Target O2 Dome in Greenwich
We feel there may be various targets, but the primary target will be the O2 Dome in Greenwich. The dome is built on the most contaminated piece of land in Europe; trees around the Dome had to be planted in containers as the soil around the Dome was so toxic it would have killed them, gas monitoring systems were built into the Dome floor. The limited clean up cost £150 million, and they did not scratch the surface in decontaminating the 3 acre site .LINK


It was primarily British Gas who contaminated the site, but it was the tax payer who paid for the clean up. Their primary solution was to put a thin layer of concrete over the contaminated soil, which goes down 14 metres in areas. Any form of explosion on this site would be catastrophic, the Thames would be contaminated and the gases contained within the foundations of the Dome would be released, and would travel as far as the wind takes them. The Southbound Blackwall tunnel runs under the Dome, and metres of contaminated soil, much of it combustive, ie Benzene and nitrogen dioxide, lie between the tunnel and Dome.


.  Link  Government web site detailing the contamination
LINK My Blog on the highly toxic and volatile foundations of the O2 Dome.

The Twin Towers contained so much asbestos that demolition was not an option, replacing the asbestos would have cost billions, but a solution was thought up, as we are now all painfully aware, and Larry Silverstein made billions from the False Flag that was perpetuated that day LINK. When the O2 Dome was opened on 1/1/200, it was widely reported that it only had a 25 year life expectancy, 12 of those years have now passed, I have not been able to establish its insurance value, but I would hazard a guess it is many millions. They will have to demolish it anyway at some stage within the next 13 years, this would cost them, should there be a fire or terrorist attack, the owners (AEG) will of course pocket millions. The roof of the Dome is made of Teflon, should there be an explosion or fire, this would act like a chemical weapon, and the fumes would travel as far as the wind carried them. Teflon when heated kills birds instantly as their respiratory tract inflames and starts hemorrhaging, I cannot even start to access the human cost.

On August 4 there is only one event at the Dome, the ladies trampoline, the Dome is the one and only feminine symbol in the this area, the large phallic towers of Canary Wharf surround it, and they chose to build this very feminine womb shaped building on a toxic dump! Destruction of this site would represent the death of the last vestige of the sacred feminine, and the power and war energy associated with all the male phallic symbols would reign supreme. The Dome is situated close to the Greenwich Observatory, and it lies on the Prime Zero Meridian, time literally begins on that spot, paradoxidly destroying the Dome would end time, and they are keen that this age ends, and their designed “New Age” and “New World Order” begins.


More details on the Dome throughout the blog.. link below.

We recommend people go to Sandra’s blog and read this very important and well researched article.

Source:  http://truthseeker444.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/false-flag-4-august-2012-london.html

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