EXPOSED: The Face of Common Purpose – Britain’s PM

 2nd November 2013
The Daily Telegraph has ripped the mask off David Cameron…

cameron-serious_2498076bDavid Cameron failed to declare his post as patron of a Common Purpose initiative for at least two years. Photo: Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph


By and Tim Ross

“David Cameron officially declares that he is patron of an initiative run by Common Purpose, a charity linked to the campaign for tougher regulation of the Press”

Do not be deceived by the word “CHARITY”!


July 7th, 2011, Julia Middleton wrote on her website
“I went to the House of Lords last night in my role as a trustee of the Media Standards Trust to support the launch of Hacked Off, a campaign to get a proper enquiry into phone hacking. The meeting was set up a while ago so you could say that after the announcement yesterday it was no longer needed, but of course that’s not true. It’s not just about getting an enquiry, it’s about getting the right enquiry, with the right brief and the right time scale. We can’t wait two years!

There were some great people there who have stood out from others in their bravery. And its real bravery – if the media does not like you, life can be very tough. But as we congratulated Chris Bryant, Max Mosley, John Prescott, Norman Fowler and many others, you could see some looking around nervously. Hugh Grant was there too, catapulting himself into this – I hope he keeps on being brave. I hope they all do….”

This is proof that the above names were and are connected to Julia Middleton and the campaign for Media Reform from as far back as July 2011.



Common Purpose Definition:

Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification, a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to its vision of how society should work, pulling the levers of power,  teaching how CP ‘graduates’ should use this knowledge to lead ‘Beyond Authority’.

Both candidates and ‘trained graduates’ will have no real understanding of Common Purpose’s wider role to help achieve a political and social paradigm shift in the UK. The real objective, would appear to be to replace our traditional UK democracy with the new regime of the EU superstate – the Fourth Reich. Common Purpose has infiltrated every office in government, private, public and corporate across the board, working under Chatham House Rules. You would not recognise a Common Purpose graduate if your saw one, they blend in so well!

This regime now operates across the globe with a Common Purpose Project in the Whitehouse, commonly known as Progressives, running on similar lines to Saul Alinsky’s Community Organisers. The following are international Common Purpose Projects:

UK: Customised Leadership Courses
Germany: Bei Common Purpose dreht sich alles um Leadership
The Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme
USA Common Purpose Project in the Whitehouse
USA  Discover the networks
Australia: A common purpose – Social Care Institute for Excellence
New Zealand: The heart of leadership development
China   Dao Xiang
Middle East  Itijah
India   Dishaa

In the autumn of 1988 Julia formed Common Purpose, an international leadership development organisation which gives leaders the inspiration, the knowledge and the connections they need to produce real change at work and in society. Common Purpose now offers leadership development opportunities worldwide in 46 cities in 18 countries. Since 1989, more than 40,000 leaders have completed one or more Common Purpose courses”

It cannot be emphasised enough how much damage a well-organised, meticulously planned, far reaching and insidious program is capable of changing the collective social and mental structure of society and governance across the globe. We are now witnessing the actual workings of a carefully contrived, decades long agenda for change. “Unity in Diversity,” the motto of the European Union! The last war never ended. Common Purpose is being achieved by stealth in the guise of good leadership and charity, its aims and objectives have superceded  the former tactics of battle lines and bombs.

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