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Volume 13 Issue 1

Volume 13 Issue 1



The Diamond Jubilee, What were we REALLY Celebrating?

Dave Bourne

What Happened to Me When I Started Ingesting Aspartame, Ramona Xuchan

The Lowe Down on Thyroid, Dr John Lowe and Mark Swanson

The Great BSE Scam, Dr Kitty Little

GM – Modern Wheat, a Perfect Chronic Poison, Dr William Davis

The Changing Skies, (Film, What Are They Spraying), Iraja Siva-Das

How Can we Protect Ourselves From Chemtrailing?

Dounne Alexander

Electro-Magnetic Radiation – Protective Clothing, Harold Brant

It’s Academic, Kinsey’s Love Affair with Paedophilia,

Three Generations Later, Dr Judith Reisman

The Truth About Manchester Airport Body Scanners,

Steve and Annie Clark

AMA Propose Law Demanding Mandatory Participation in Vaccine Trials, Christina England

Smart Meters, What is The REAL Agenda? Harold Brant

Marxist Britain, Ian Parker-Joeseph

The Death of Free Will – Part II, Charlotte Iserbyte


Poem – Life’s Journey, Rabbi, Alvin Fine

Touch of Humour

Reading Between the Lines

Touch of Humour

Best of Heroic Stories – What Courage Really Is, The Counselor

Poem – Risk, Annonymous

Touch of Humour – True Story

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Alexy Talimonov

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Volume 13 Issue 1

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