Vol.10 Issue 3

At present the world is gripped in a gold rush as unknown speculators drive up the price. For whose benefit? Interestingly ex-chancellor Grim Gordon sold off half our gold reserve at a bargain basement price (see quote below). “Gordon Brown’s sale of 395 tonnes of our gold in 17 auctions … Continue reading

Vol.10 Issue 2

The season of madness is nearly upon us and we don’t just mean Christmas. Life seems to resemble the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, as politicians blunder yet again, from crisis to crisis. Surely there can be no one left, naive enough to believe any of the lies and promises held … Continue reading

Vol.10 Issue 1

We begin this issue with the article Happiness is Dissent – the truth of looking after Number 1 by David Edwards, author of Free to be Human. David points out that we have been deceived and manipulated into the gratification of the self at the expense of the wider community … Continue reading

Vol.9 Issue 4

In this issue, we have paid extra attention to the events concerning the EU. Over the weeks leading up to the 25th March, the UK media remained eerily silent over the implications of the recent 50th anniversary celebration on 25th March in Berlin. To those who are aware, and most … Continue reading

Vol.9 Issue 3

In this issue we remember the anniversary of the massacre of the Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee in South Dakota on the 29th December 1890. This action was perpetrated by white settlers in the form of the US Cavalry employed by an elected government in a country stolen from the … Continue reading

Vol.9 Issue 2

We welcome those of you who may be reading our publication for the first time. All the subject matter of this publication reflects the opinions and experiences of the authors and contributors. We are grateful to all our readers, authors and advertisers for their participation in this issue. The cumulative … Continue reading

Vol.9 Issue 1

In this issue, as seems to happen with each issue, a common thread has emerged that weaves through each article. The essence of this issue is ‘control and manipulation of humanity’ and begins with News Not in the News concerning John Ruiz Dempsey, a forensic litigation specialist, who has filed … Continue reading