Volume 13 Issue 1

We begin this issue with an article by David Bourne entitled “The Queen’s Jubilee – What have we REALLY been celebrating?” David asks: “How many people today have an inkling of what the Coronation was all about? How can the Queen still be our Sovereign if she is merely another … Continue reading

Vol.12 Issue 4

Despite unforeseen circumstances which delayed the publication of this issue, we offer you an exceptional collection of articles which we hope you find informative, truthful and inspiring. We think they reflect the wave of new consciousness which is beginning to flower; older members of our team remember the last great … Continue reading

Vol.12 Issue 3

As we approach the end of 2011, the earth is nearing the completion of its 26,000 year cycle known by the ancient Vedic astronomers as the precession of the equinox, produced by the wobble of the earth’s axis. For many years the New Age has been predicting and promoting the … Continue reading

Vol.12 Issue 2

June has arrived, it seems such a short time ago since we, in Britain, were encountering one of the coldest winters on record. Suddenly, we find ourselves only weeks away from the Summer Solstice, how fast the days and months are flying by! We are sure at some point in … Continue reading

Vol.12 Issue 1

We apologise for late publication as we have been closely involved in civil liberty issues and the effects of a long term family illness. We are very grateful to our readers and supporters for standing by us once again in what has been a very difficult time. We continue with … Continue reading

Vol.11 Issue 4

We began publishing Namaste Magazine twelve years ago, since then we have witnessed the rapid introduction of new laws pushed through by the present government in dictatorship style with the assistance of the Automatic Ascent introduced in 1911. This circumvented our ancient Constitution, made up of Magna Carta, The Land … Continue reading

Vol.11 Issue 3

We apologize for this late issue, recent events have been against us We begin the New Year, 2010 with the knowledge that our power as a nation, has been stolen. As the gates of the Lisbon Treaty clang shut, we view this treacherous event with the notion that we have … Continue reading

Vol.11 Issue 2

“No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised (that is taken from him) of his freehold, or liberties, or free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed; nor will we pass upon him, nor will we condemn him, but by the lawful judgement of his … Continue reading

Vol.11 Issue 1

We thank our readers and contributors for their patience in waiting for this issue. We apologise for the delay, however it impossible to publish sooner, due to the illness of one of our team. Carl’s mother had been battling ill health all last year and it finally came to a … Continue reading

Vol.10 Issue 4

As we enter another manufactured recession, we can guarantee that our self-indulgent rulers (MPs, Senators et al.), having voted away our freedoms to foreign powers (the EU and the North American Unification – NAU), will not suffer the same consequences as their citizens. What is left for us to look … Continue reading