Britain, for God’s Sake Wake Up!

Long before many were old enough , wise enough and realised the global elite were planning to destroy our British national sovereignty, in 1974 Hughie Green made clarion call to the people of Britain: “For God Sake Wake UP.” He devised and began politicising an apolitical family-friendly format. It has been suggested that Green believed that Harold Wilson and his Labour government were Communists. How right he was. Hughie Green paid the ultimate price for warning the British People of what lay ahead, his career came to an abrupt end. He said:

“Yes friends, tomorrow is the end of the year nineteen hundred and seventy four. Let us work with all our might to see that 1975, with the gathering storm of despair ahead, will not be the end of our country. You know, nearly one 130 years ago, an American Ralph Waldo Emerson said: ‘This aged Britain, pressed by transitions of trade and competing population, I see her not dispirited, not week, but remember she has seen dark days before, indeed I have a kind of instinct that she sees a little better on a cloudy day and that with a storm of battle and calamity, she has a secret vigour and a pulse like a cannon.’

Those were Mr Emerson’s words. But now, not for the first time, this sceptered isle finds itself alone on a raging sea of world despair. Lest we perish friends, let us all together say, 1975 both to the nation, to each and to ourselves,

Hughie Green’s speech, Land of Hope and Glory


Here we are today 2012, all our freedoms gone and in a totalitarian state. Britain, for God’s Sake Wake Up.

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