Respected Environmental Activist Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri has Died

Beloved environmental activist Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri (Dr. P) has died in a San Diego, CA hospital.  She had been suffering from severe lung and heart problems.  Dr. P was a gentle, warm, loving, and compassionate human being.  She was also an environmental activist, a terrific researcher, lecturer and writer who detested the chemtrail spraying that is wreaking havoc around the globe.

Her presentation at the 2012 Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference (see the video below) was one of the event highlights.  The title of her talk was: “The Assault on Our Health. Environmental Illness and Aerosol Pollution: Connecting the Dots.”   She was likely a victim of the aerosol pollution that she spoke about.

Dr. P’s lecture also included her recommended solutions, including not supporting the companies that are harming us.  You can help implement that solution by participating in Imagine Freedom Beginning October 11 (this Friday).


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