Barbara Marciniak 2009 Interview – Predictions Now Unfolding in 2020



This interview with Barbara made in 2009, her remarks are  remarkably poignant, she shares information that is so prophetic  just as she said. We can now see everything is unfolding now in 2020.


Barbara was the first to expose pedophilia and reptilian energy which has since been plagiarised by other speakers ( some of whom are controlled opposition), without accrediting her for her work, she is aware of this. In 2000, during one of Barbara’s lectures in Shrewsbury, England, she spoke about pedophilia and that although many disbelieved such stories it at the time however, it was very real Barbara said “no wants to know about this stuff.”  Few would accept the shocking reality, it was hidden, some people walked out of Barbara’s talk because they couldn’t’ hack the truth.

Ten years later, Barbara’s words rang overtures for us as stories of pedophilia  started to permeate into consciousness reality, but the mainstream continued to made desperate efforts, as they always do, to cover up stories, playing them down and deliberately looking for someone to discredit. Each of the following stories evidences the dark and debased aspects of human activity, which dominates our civilisation and 3rd dimensional reality. The forces that drive these evil satanic activities have been in the shadows BUT NOW they are about to be exposed. Trump and the Patriots are pulling down the power structures, the dark energy that has controlled this dimension for centuries and the mainstream media is going mad – they know. We, collectively have allowed it. So long as it stays hidden it stays powerful and so long as we do not reject,  we are consent.


The dark forces involving paedopillia in the UK


 The paedolpillia stories started to rise and permeat into the mass conciousness in particular in 2008 with the Haut de la Garenne  The Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre just north of Gorey in the parish of Saint Martin, Jersey, in the Channel Islands. It was formerly known as the Industrial School, the Jersey Home for Boys, and Haut de la Garenne. Its previous uses have included being an industrial school, a children’s home, a military signal station, a television filming location, and a youth hostel. In 2008, it became the focus of the largest investigation into child abuse ever conducted in Jersey. However the perpertrators who visit the home have never been brought to justice.

The Madeleine Macann story hit the mainstream media in 2007, it was reported by her parents Kate and Gerry Macann that she disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment at a resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve region of Portugal.
The paedophilla aspect of the story largely has been hidden by the mainstream.

In 2010  a major internet story broke on this subject in relation to that Anne Greig’s life whose full story has yet to be told. (Interesting links the Maclom Webster.) The mainstream media has kept the lid on the story and therefore it was largely driven by the internet. The pedophilia focus, which at the time was ground shattering, was purposely high jacked and driven by trolls. infiltrators people – allegedly well meaning but in actuality disinformation agents, coupled with controlled opposition speakers and their mind controlled cohorts to ensure the story would be ridiculed and dismissed by the mainstream media, ultimately to be disbelieved by the masses.  The main story was buried whilst the story of incestuously perverted, fiendish (thieving and murderous was buried) of ex husband Denis Mackie, who  sodomised his son and then whom he trained to carry out further shameful acts on his down syndrome daughter. Both of his offspring were coached to keep their threesome incestuous relationship a secret for years. Mackie was never charged – thanks to his helpers/police family and supporters.

The pedophilia story was effectively driven, as they sometimes can be, to hide the real story – in this case the murder of Anne’s brother Robert Greig,  it is this story which is exceeding well covered up by the authorities in Aberdeen  who instead concentrated on silencing and denigrating Anne Greig- the ultimate victim of the entire dark story filled with sedition, distortion and corruption at every level.


Jimmy Saville

Investigative Journalist Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring, Found Dead. Liz MacKean, the former British investigative reporter who exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of pedophile protection at the BBC, has been found dead. She was 52. The BBC, who blocked her groundbreaking investigation from airing and spent the next few years attempting to destroy her reputation, are reporting that she died of “complications from a stroke.” Acknowledging her life was under threat during the time she was investigating Savile and BBC elites, MacKean said her conscience left her no option but to pursue the truth and expose the culture of pedophila. The mother of two children believed it was her duty. When it became public that BBC News blocked her investigation from airing, she admitted on Panorama: “I was very unhappy the story didn’t run because I felt we’d spoken to people who collectively deserved to be heard. And they weren’t heard.

The Madelin McCann story, allegedly kidknapped by a unkown person/s and to this day a campaign to find her censues by her parents and strangely also covered over by the authorities Now, in 2020, most people have heard of  Pizzagate and the mainstream media has tried to put out the fire by claiming it was/is a hoax.
The film Out of the Shadows highlights and exposes a level of corrupt and satanic practices in Hollywood. Then there are individuals in positions of power, like Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation reportedly involved in child trafficking and much much more.


The End of the World as we Know it

2020  The Fall of the Cabal

The End of the World as we Know it – The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard Beginning the search for the Truth, Left & Right in politics, Wikileaks, the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and the birth of the Q-phenomenon…


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