Ancient Laws of Constitutional Protection Shattered by TREASON


There are TWO important letters below written by Bob Lomas to the media entitled: THE END OF A NATION and TREASON THE WORD THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME  in which he gives clear and concise detail about our ancient Constitutional law, the election of a British Monarch by its People for the People, its role and its lawful position in protecting us, as a sovereign free people. All this knowledge has been deliberately hidden with smoke screens and mirrors and thus destroyed by acts of TREASON. This has finally taken place with the signing of ‘SIX unlawful treaties’ by the Queen who, in so doing systematically broke her Coronation Oath to the British People; giving away our powers and taking our nation into a Soviet style European Union which will (jointly) head a FASCIST World Government. Our ancient British Constitutional Law is NO longer taught in our schools and, more importantly, in  LAW schools,  therefore no solicitor or barrister today understands the importance of or indeed that we have a British Constitution nor do they understand about Oaths of Office,  all of which have been surreptitiously stripped away.

Our Constitution Law once protected us, the people of these Isles and indeed the Commonwealth from TYRANNY, this has now been shattered, we are now under the control of an administration called the European Union, with unelected officials who are unaccountable,  above the law, leaving the us British People in a country which will soon be a STATE of the EU, without a Sovereign/Monarch. The title of monarch is now in name only, the Queen is no long sovreign and therefore its a complete FARCE,  due to her actions and that of her ministers we are now at the mercy of tyrannical powers which have been developing since the Fabian Prime Minister Asquith committed the treacherous deed of passing the 1911 Parliament Act, bringing into being the FALSE and treasonous Automatic Consent. As stated by the late great Elisabeth Beckett  (see below image)  “Unfortunately this has been done both in the 1911 Parliament Act and in the Reform of the Constitution Act of 2005 when Blair and Lord Falconer took over the power we had given to the Queen for her lifetime.”

Elisabeth went on to warn:

“The fact is that the British people are now fighting a ‘war from within.


The strategy of our enemies is:

To abolish the Monarchy and all ordered government. 

To abolish patriotism and nationalism.

To abolish the family unit.

To abolish organised religion.

The intention is from there, to take over the world.”

The Monarchy has been abolished and exists in ‘name only’ as a titular farce, this has been achieved by the Queen’s indolence and acceptance, if you should write and ask her to confirm that she is STILL our Souverign Monarch, she will not answer. She participated in and  celebrated the signing of SIX treaties, the handing over of our nation to a ‘foreign power, ‘ this was a treasonous act and in complete breach of her Coronation Oath.

Just days before her death, Elizabeth came to the full acceptance that Queen Elizabeth ll had indeed betrayed us, her people, something she found hard to accept and wrote one final letter to Queen dated 21st January 2009, in which  she made the following profound and very important statement:

“I am old and now seriously ill. I cannot die without making clear to you,
that you have broken your oath to us your people.”

This, like many other letters Elisabeth had written to the Queen, was never answered or acknowledged.

In the the photo above,  Elizabeth hands over a letter to her local Police Sergeant, asking the Chief Constable of Penrith, Cumbria, to protect her rights under the Constitution, a  legitimate stance against an illegal tax system and treasonous government. This was a story that should have been on the front page of every newspaper, but as usual in such matters, it remained unreported in 2006/7.


Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 2:28 PM
From: Bob Lomas

Dear Editor,

In his letter (WSG 9.10.13) Mr Maurice Webb stated “..sovereignty is the inalienable birthright of the people, entrusted to the Monarch and administered by Parliament. The power of Parliament is not supreme but subject to oaths of allegiance under the British Constitution.”

In this Mr Webb is absolutely correct, he could have added that Parliament takes an oath of allegiance to the Monarch and through the Monarch to the British people, the Monarch and the people being as one. British coronations are both an election and a marriage. The gathered assembly representing the people in Westminster Abbey at the time of the coronation are asked if they will accept the heir apparent as our lawful monarch and they have the lawful right to say nay, it is that which makes it an election.  If they say ‘yea’ the ceremony proceeds with the Monarch taking an oath, not rule or reign, but to govern the people according to their laws and customs and so becomes the official Governor of the nation and Head of the Executive. The Monarch then puts on a wedding ring that proclaims the marriage between the Monarch and the people.

The Monarch is then obliged to mount a Parliament and delegates the authority of governance to a political party of the people’s choice for a strictly limited period, but not the power of governance which remains with the Monarch and the people, thus the people maintain control over their Parliament. To ensure the Monarch, and so the people, retain absolute power over Parliament the Monarch on behalf of the people has the authority to dismiss all ministers and dissolve Parliament at any time during its short life, and to ensure this the Monarch is made Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that by oath of allegiance are answerable only to the Monarch and through the Monarch to the people.

From this it is clear that this nation is about the people and their elected Monarch, it is not about Parliament and the people. Parliament has no powers what so ever but it sometimes presumptuously speaks of  ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ and ‘the sovereignty of Parliament’ which is of course a nonsense as there can only be one sovereignty and that rests with the people.  All of this came to an end in 1972 when the Conservative Party mounted a political coup in Parliament and surrendered the people’s sovereignty, along with the supremacy of the Crown and our common law Constitution, to the then European Economic Community by signing up to the Treaty of Rome designed to create a single country called Europe. The Conservative Party further entrenched the offence by entering into subsequent European treaties and obligations.

In 1983 Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signed up to the Single European Act. In 1992 Conservative Prime Minister John Major signed up to the Maastricht Treaty which, among other things, forced EU citizenship on all British people making them, and including the Monarch, subject to the obligations and demands of that citizenship, all in absolute violation of the United Nations Charter of Human Rights to which we are supposed to be signatories. It also announced the abdication of the Monarch, there can be no sovereign head of state in a country that is no longer sovereign and no governor of a nation that is no longer self governing.

The implication for Parliament is this. As formerly Parliament drew its legitimacy from the Crown, with the surrender of the supremacy of the Crown,and the Crown is supreme or it is but nothing, Parliament ended its own legitimacy and so rendered itself an unlawful assembly. Since 1972 therefore this country has had no lawful governance and the political assemblies claiming to be governments have been no more than unlawful administrations for a foreign political power. We the British people now find ourselves subordinate to an unelected unaccountable political dictatorship, denied our law and any means of redress and forced to watch our social and economic structures wither away as draconian foreign law and a police state are surreptitiously built in our midst. Conservative Prime Minister and EU enthusiast David Cameron is reported to have said that next year we should widely celebrate the start of the First World War. For him of course that would seem logical, as it heralded the beginning of the destruction of this once great nation and its eventual take over and absorption into the land of his forefathers.

Your Sincerely,

Bob Lomas.
The Magna Carta Society.


To: West Sussex County Times
Monday, October 14, 2013 5:53 PM
From  Bob Lomas

Dear Editor,

It has been reported in the WSCT that Horsham District Council had questioned the validity of a meeting mounted by Steyning Parish Council claiming that the meeting was in breach of the Local Government Act 1st April 1972.   It seems that the HDC, like virtually everyone else, are unaware that on the 17th October 1972 the passing of the European Communities Act nullified existing English law, as under the ECA 72 European Community law became the supreme law of the land.   Under the terms of the Treaty of Rome which the Queen signed up to through her minister Edward Heath and plenipotentiaries MPs Home and Rippon, it was announced that English law could still be practiced but it would be subordinate to EEC law.   In reality however it was not that simple.

The signing up to the Treaty of Rome also meant the surrender of the people’s national sovereignty, together with the supremacy of the Constitution and the Crown which are supreme or they are but nothing at all.   This was essential to the purpose of the Treaty of Rome 1957 which was, and remains to this day, to create a country called Europe.  In effect it was an act of capitulation of the nation state to a foreign political power.  Since 1972 all has been hidden in and behind a smoke and mirrors deceit created to pretend that we are still a sovereign nation and so keep the people confused and ignorant of the truth in their incredulity.

The truth however is hidden in its own simplicity.   National law that is subordinate to a foreign law is no law at all.   Sovereignty by definition means complete and absolute self autonomy, one cannot exist without the other.  Up to 1972 Parliament drew its legitimacy from the Crown. With the surrender of the supremacy of the Crown Parliament destroyed its own legitimacy and became an unlawful assembly.  When the Queen agreed to the surrender of the nation’s sovereignty she effectively ended the monarchy, for there can be no sovereign head of state in a nation that is no longer sovereign or a governor of a nation that is no longer self governing; bearing in mind that the monarch is, or was, the official Governor of the nation, the government of the day being no more than a delegated authority accountable and subordinate to the monarch by oath and so through the monarch to the people.  Since the abandonment of constitutional constraint which was essential to protect the perpetrators of the treason, for that is what it was, there has been no lawful governance or legislature in Westminster, only an administration for the foreign political dictatorship that now rules the British people who fund it at the expense of their children’s education, health care, the old and the vulnerable, their national defence and the nations economic future.

Having been robbed of our birthright to be an independent people of self political determination we find ourselves a nation undone, a people living in a lawless political structure that makes for some people becoming disproportionately rich, in particular the new political class, whilst many people live in poverty and penury especially the old who in bloody conflict saved this country from previous European aspirations in the 1940s and rebuilt it in the 1950s/60s.  So who brought us to this sorry state and how?

Increasingly people are realising who it was and it was of course the Conservative and Unionist Party which has proved itself to be neither.  In the 1960s the Conservative Party worked towards a political coup designed to overthrow the nation state. The plan came to fruition in 1972 with the signing of the Treaty of Rome.  The Prime Minister at that time was Edward Heath.  Over the following years other treaties and agreements came along to further the aim of creating a country called Europe.  In 1983 Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signed up to the Single European Act.   In 1992 the Conservative MPs Maude and Hurd under Prime Minister John Major signed up to the Maastricht Treaty that, among other commitments, confirmed that the British people had been made citizens of the EU whether they wanted to be or not, including the Queen,  thus confirming that the office of the monarch no longer existed and imposing upon her the duties and obligations of that citizenship.  No one can be both monarch and citizen at the same time.

It took the Russian people seventy years to rid themselves of the oppressive Soviet Union, and it might take the British people just as long to rid themselves of the oppressive European Union, but that is the price of people’s political neglect.   Fortunately the people are gradually realising that they have been deceived and robbed and by whom.  According to another WSCT report, the Conservative Francis Maude is claiming to be a ‘Eurosceptic’.   With the nation falling apart at the seams under the oppression of a foreign power, claiming to be no more than sceptical about it is typical meaningless political appeasement.   Maude, we are informed, is also claiming that his treasonous party is to hold a referendum on whether we should stay in or leave the EU.   More political appeasing clap trap.  Anything in fact to avoid having to admit that our joining the EEC flew in the face of our lawful Constitution, which encapsulates and protects all that we are as a nation state, including our national sovereignty.  Not even the British people themselves have a lawful right to decide on the surrendering of the nation’s sovereignty for it is not only our inalienable birthright but the birthright of generations yet unborn.   With this regard a referendum is not the answer especially as it could so easily be manipulated to dig our grave even deeper.

What is needed to save this country, and perhaps ultimately Europe, is a concerted effort to expose the illegality of our membership of the EU and the villainy and lawbreaking, especially the acts of treason that were perpetuated against the British people to bring about the destruction of this nation as a free, independent and sovereign people of self political determination, something oppressed people in many parts of the world are still fighting for at this very time, a democratic principle that is recognised world wide as having emanated from this country but now alas no longer exists within our shores.

Yours Sincerely,

Bob Lomas.
The Magna Carta Society.

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