Adobe confirms security breach, says credit card data may have been accessed


By , Published: October 4

th Adobe announced that they have been hacked and that the user account data of 2.9 million Adobe users has been breached. They also confirmed that the attackers may have gained access to the user’s financial information. The Washington Post are covering the story.

Adobe products are used extensively in the internet community, so we are issuing a special alert to ensure that our customers are aware of the breach and know what action to take.

Adobe has issued a bulletin on their Help website which details what happened and what to do and it includes a FAQ about the incident at the bottom of the page. You can find the Adobe bulletin here.

I’d like to add special emphasis to two items:

If you have the bad habit of using the same password on multiple websites, make sure you change your password on all other websites that used the same password as your Adobe account.

If you purchased something from Adobe within the last few years, keep a close eye on your credit card or bank statement for illegal activity.

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