The Truth Is Coming Hard & Fast, Law & Order, There Is No Escape

  Another revealing  X22 Report Note: Take a listen at 23.34. the Director of Health in the State of  Illinois Department of Health, slips up when trying to answer a question she goes on to explain the case definition of COPVID 19, she said “Technically, even you died of a clear alternate cause … Continue reading

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite [Full Investigative Documentary]

     We made our first documentary on what we think was the most important story of 2019, an investigation into the Black Swan of Jeffrey Epstein & the workings of the Global Elite. We hope it brings you great value and insight. You can find links to our … Continue reading

The Corporation – Feature, Documentary

In the light of the content of this excellent and very informative  video, the viewer should seriously consider how the so-called COVID – 19 virus is being used to further and agenda, it is an expansion project which ultimately will be used for PROFIT, another aspect of the Global Corporation … Continue reading