Barbara Marciniak 2009 Interview – Predictions Now Unfolding in 2020

    This interview with Barbara made in 2009, her remarks are  remarkably poignant, she shares information that is so prophetic  just as she said. We can now see everything is unfolding now in 2020.   Barbara was the first to expose pedophilia and reptilian energy which has since been … Continue reading

WeatherMen III – ALL4FLOYD – In Pursuit of Truth

  THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION Just as many people thought the events surrounding the alleged murder of George Flooyd did not make sense, the  well documented video footage below provides all the pieces of the puzzle with evidence it has been thouroughly nvestigated.  Brilliant. It provides more proof … Continue reading


    International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, looks at what has happened to the world since February, and analyses the causes and the consequences. For more unbiased information about important matters, please visit   Ten Facts Everyone Should Know About Vaccines By Vernon Coleman   … Continue reading


  SOURCE: Dear Supporter Hopefully you will have seen in detail our work exposing the absolute hypocrisy behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests now taking place across the UK. In yet another sign of the way media organisations have lost the plot Piers Morgan, one of the gobbiest leftists … Continue reading

The Fight For Freedom Has Begun – Canada Awakens

 ITS  TIME TO STAND UP – Or Live in the Matrix   We the People of the World are in the most critical time of our lives, the only thing to fear, is fear itself. We can choose to remain silent or we can make our voices heard. Rest assured, … Continue reading

George Floyd Definitely a False Flag Designed to Cause Civil Unrest

  “The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there … Continue reading