One World Transport Under German Fed. Government Ownership

This is NOT a Conspiracy theory, this is FACT taken from Deutsche Bahn’s Own Annual Report     German Federal Government now virtually owns all the transport systems in Europe and its web spans the whole globe.   Important read: GERMANYS-FOUR-REICHS-by-Harry-BECKHOUGH Germany’s Four Reichs Origins and Development, seeking World Domination … Continue reading

UK: How Can a Corrupt Council be a Fair Council?

The story of abuse of an old lady UPDATE – 4th November 2013   Some interesting news.   David Cameron is linked with “Common Purpose” and accidentally forgot to declare this for years. I see.   This article explains what “Common Purpose” is about:   Lord … Continue reading

Ireland – Aisling Fitzgibbon, The Girl Against Fluoride – The Naked Calendar

November 13, 2013 Dear Supporter: The campaign to end fluoridation in Ireland is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fluoride campaigns in the world. Led by the positive creativity of Aisling Fitzgibbon (aka “The Girl Against Fluoride“), the Irish campaign has generated an unprecedented level of public interest and support, … Continue reading

British Political Hypocrisy at its Peak

  By Bob Lomas The Magna Carta Society   Of all times of the year we learn during Remembrance week that a brave andcourageous British soldier of excellent record has been tried and found guilty of murdering in the heat of a fire fight an unarmed member of his enemy, … Continue reading


LEST WE FORGET   Whilst we should ‘never forget’, those that fought and gave their lives in the last two wars to prevent oppression, equally we must ‘never forget’ the many millions of civilians who died having been caught up in those said and others wars,  all of which were … Continue reading

British Monarch – the Queen in Depleted Uranium Trade

 Rape and Pillage of Africa and Destruction of Planet Earth   “The Queen herself, privately owns investments in uranium holding worth some £4 billion through Rio Tinto Zinc”     Published by Kevin Lancasterify   Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is one of the richest women on earth and much of her … Continue reading

EXPOSED: The Face of Common Purpose – Britain’s PM

 2nd November 2013 The Daily Telegraph has ripped the mask off David Cameron… David Cameron failed to declare his post as patron of a Common Purpose initiative for at least two years. Photo: Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph    Press row: PM faces questions over link to charity By Edward … Continue reading

Scotland – Duchess of Hamilton Calls for Change in Law on Sectioning

Please support the Duchess of Hamilton  in her attempts to help Joe Bloggs (sign the petition at the link below) and change the present archaic Scottish Sectioning law, having lost her own husband, the Duke, in 2010 shortly after his unlawful sectioning. This is a big opportunity for us (the … Continue reading