Not in the Guardian, not on the BBC, but its here in black and white

 ……dare one say ‘from the horse’s mouth’?  Following on from Richard North’s article in EUReferendum, wherein he linked to an article in the Guardian, it would appear that that newspaper missed a quote by Merkel:    “Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the EU council … Continue reading


BEWARE of what you are being led/encouraged to vote for!!.   We in the UK, a once sovereign free people, are in GRAVE danger.  The Gestapo started in Germany with a private police force. The email below is VERY important. We urge you to send this post to all your friends, … Continue reading

10 days That Shook My World

 November 3rd, 2012 | It’s ten days since I raised a question about intelligence suggesting a paedophile ring that touched the very heart of a previous government. I’d done so because a very credible retired child protection professional had lived with a gnawing suspicion of a cover up for many … Continue reading