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Namaste, a UK quarterly magazine, also available in North America and by subscription worldwide. Our intention is to provide our readers who have a strong desire to seek the truth, with a diverse collection of thought-provoking and inspiring material. We hope this will encourage you to pause for a moment, and consider other possibilities, as, like Alice in Wonderland, we look under stones and behind the curtain, searching for OUR story – HER-story, revealing the layers of deception in which humanity for centuries has been enveloped.

We ask:
Have humans made progress – have we truly evolved?

Can we spot media disinformation or a hidden agenda?
Where did we come from?
Where are we going and why?

Are you happy with the theories proferred so far?
Compulsory education has only served to increase our ignorance and fragment our minds.

Namaste is a magazine which gives you the opportunity to take that step back, to give you a wider view, bring you the news the mainstream media WON’T, give you health information the pharma-cartels HIDE and the medical profession may not even know. We will endeavour to reveal what our politicians DARE NOT. We also include film reviews, poetry, humour and an extensive mail order section with specialised titles and products. We are an English company and we are not connected in anyway whatsoever to Namaste Publishing.com in Canada. Nor are we connected to any religious groups / organisations, political parties etc., neither are we influenced by advertising, or financially supported by anyone other than ourselves. Our Mind and Soul are not for sale. Articles printed in Namaste are selected for the message they convey and not for the address of the author.

There are powerful forces at work, manipulating and subverting our justice and governmental systems. Thus, the all pervading deception is going unchecked by the People, as long as we are kept uninformed by the media, bred and circuses by our politians, entertained and dumbed down by chemicals. There are only a few lone voices in the wilderness, sadly often quickly discredited or just simply ignored by so many. Our North American readers will notice similarities between what is occurring in the UK, and how the manipulation of the people of the USA is gradually but relentlessly undermining their constitution against the design put in place by their founding fathers to prevent tyrannical rule over the people. In the UK, there has been media coverage of the abolition of slavery which has completely ignored the important part that was played by ordinary men and women, many of whom risked their lives to help emancipate, not only black slaves but also the working classes of Britain. Too often we fall into the trap of the illusion of freedom.

In every generation there have been men and women who became aware of this false sense of freedom and were brave enough to bring it to the attention of the population at large. What is slavery but the subjugation of people. This, of course, began in the UK with the Enclosures Act (1750 – 1860) and the land clearances which led to the Industrial Revolution – the death of craftsmen/women. We should never forget that slavery was also in the UK.

“Those peasants did not of course “flock” to the factories. …
They were driven – as men are finally driven.
By hunger. By desperation and despair.”
~ Shirley-Ann Hardy, The Land Question


This was/is is a crucial part of the New World Order agenda. Women were denied access to good health care, family planning, advanced education and the vote. In a future Issue of Namaste we shall deal with this part of his-story – how the vote was won by the sacrifice of a few hundred women. The land question is central to the slavery that still exists today in ever growing numbers of people throughout the world. It is an illusion that we are FREE. We no longer have visible chains, for the modern enslavement is of the mind. One aspect of this is our grovelling reliance on experts and often our unquestioning worship of science.  Agnes George de Mille says it all:

“… We chose this because it suited a few people to have us do so.
They counted on our mental indolence and we freely and obediently conformed.
We chose not to think.”
~ Agnes George de Mille. 1979

“Please remember that to possess INFORMATION, you must sift through mountains of  disinformation (lies), misinformation (mistakes), and non-information (distractions).
But first, you have to want to.”
~ Harold Thomas (late)
A Search for the Truth is a Dangerous Thing

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